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Cincinatti 2002 weekend.

Ross, Eric, Hank and I(Shenefelt) will be there from PAKA.  (Would not miss
it for the world Donna)
I don't have many species in young pairs at the present (Have A. zygaima, A.
congicum 82-17, australe 97-24 Port Gentil and chocolate,  aff primigenium
88-10 and lamberti  in multiple young sexed prs. ) Hate to bring a bunch if
no one  is interested (seem to have done that at the 2001 convention), but
also would be a shame to bring one or two pr if more people are interested.
Email me at shene at killi_net if you are going and are interested in any of
these species so I can bring enough to go around.  With the heat we have had
in the region so far this summer shipping has been avoided (at least by me).
Drop me an email if you (or a friend) are going to Xenia and if you  have a
species of fish you are interested in(Ross, Eric or Hank may have them if I
Bill Shenefelt

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