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Re: Fungus on eggs

Tyrone Genade wrote:
> On 23 Jul 2002, at 1:57, Chris Browning wrote:
>> Well, I went on Yahoo and searched for "Tetra General Tonic" and
>> EVERYTHING that came up was in German or Swedish or something. 
> Try http://www.tetra-fish.com but it is quite pointless. The product 
> works well and should be available from a LFS if not you can probably 
> arrange for him to get some.

I have seen your references to it, Tyrone, but I do not recall ever 
seeing it in a US LFS. [I could easily be wrong.]

It may contain some banned ingredient that is into mind bending or 
causing abortions. Our nanny state does not trust citizens to use 
rational judgement on such matters, so buying simple stuff gets really 
complicated, sometimes.

Quinine, USP (drugstore) quality KMNO4, and a host of other useful 
things have been denied us in recent years. Clean ethanol requires a 
trip out of the country and smuggling if we want to avoid the 
record-keeping and tax problems.

> You will not need to treat the eggs unless they are poor quality. 
>>From experiance all you need do it put the eggs in a shallow tray and 
> do water changes on them each night. To minimise the risk of 
> infection and epidemic make sure none of the eggs are clumped 
> together and are spread out in the container.

If you have no airstone or other circulation-causing device, a rotting 
egg can make for a very deadly environment, nearby. I agree that quickly 
removing obviously dead eggs is a good idea, but pretty scary for the 

Are those darker eggs dead? You or I might tell, but it takes a little 
experience to be sure.

Anything opaque white, or surrounded by "fuzz" can be pretty certainly 
declared dead and hazardous with most killifish.

Developing eggs quickly get some internal "structure" and darker veins 
and organs. The eyes become round black dots with a surrounding gold 
ring, later. If they get to that stage and don't start to hatch, forcing 
may be in order.

Let's reemphasize a wide and shallow container. Wide means eggs can be 
kept well apart, and shallow means lots of surface area per unit of 
water volume. Those have done more for me to improve hatches than any 
dyes or snake-oil remedy. Adding plants is also a big plus factor, but 
it can be tough for the new person to get that Java moss starter if none 
was sent in the same box as the eggs. [Don't send in the same bag, 
unless it's a breather bag, as plants use oxygen in the dark, giving it 
back only when lighted and photosynthesizing.]


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