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Re: Spell checker

Jeremy wrote

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL
>>> ...   it just opens them up in a browser page instead of down loading them.<<<

Use the right mouse button instead.  A pop up menu will appear.  Select Save Target As and save it to your disk.  The text file works fine, but IE doesn't recognize the ".dic" extention.  So it defaults to an ".htm" extension.  Be sure to overide that "undocumented feature."

>>>Also, does it matter that the Genus names are not capitalized? In one of the word programs I use, it stores a lower case and an uppercase word as 2 different words. Not sure if MS word does that.<<<

I believe so.  I typed in "aphyosemion" and Word underlined it as being misspelling.  I right clicked on the entry and the pop lists "Aphyosemion" as the replacement.  Was there as pecific genus that's not proper case?

Also, I noticed that the files have numerous duplicate entries, these can be deleted leaving only one.  Again, I haven't really used them much so there's likely to be some other errors.

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