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Re: Rotifer cultures?

John asked about sources for clean rotifer cultures.......

I wonder what the importance of a "clean culture: is?  Although I have used
clean cultures of rotifer (raised by a friend) to get Epi fry through the
first week,  I do observe that fry growing up in my established, natural
tanks grow like the proverbial weeds due to the microbes present and that
includes the whole spectrum from protozoans to multicellular orgs' like
rotifers. Peat-based mulm from my tank bottoms is a rich culture of mixed
microorganisms that makes a great food source for newly hatched's.

Raising "pure" rotifer cultures is possible but time consuming.(I emphasize
the word "pure" becuase, obviously there must be some food source like
paramecium in there for the rotifers to eat....so actually its a
controlled-mixed rather than a really pure culture). I guess a "pure
culture" can give you quantity when you need that, but you will have to
supply a disproportionate amount of work to get that.

Carolina Biological can sell you pure starter cultures. Check their

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