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Re: Fungus on eggs

On 23 Jul 2002, at 1:57, Chris Browning wrote:

>  Well, I went on Yahoo and searched for "Tetra General Tonic" and
>  EVERYTHING that came up was in German or Swedish or something. 

Try http://www.tetra-fish.com but it is quite pointless. The product 
works well and should be available from a LFS if not you can probably 
arrange for him to get some.

You will not need to treat the eggs unless they are poor quality. 
From experiance all you need do it put the eggs in a shallow tray and 
do water changes on them each night. To minimise the risk of 
infection and epidemic make sure none of the eggs are clumped 
together and are spread out in the container.

Good luck

Tyrone Genade
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