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Re: Spell checker

LeeH920226 at aol_com wrote:
> In a message dated 7/23/02 7:28:27 AM, killiman at iquest_net writes:
> << I was asking to see if any one had them in a file or list they could
> download to me.  >>
> I was a reviewing proofreader for Dr. Ken Lazara in the preparation of KMI4 
> and I can foresee some problems with a spell checker based on the KMI. The 
> first and foremost problem is that the text contains many deliberate 
> misspellings because they are part of the literature. Would you want the 
> spell checker to include them? I don't think so. 


I should think you would want them included. Just because an original 
describer cannot spell, does not mean that his nomenclature has not been 
accepted as the correct name for that species. In that situation, we are 
obligated to propagate the spelling mistake in the interest of 
scientific continuity/traceability, aren't we?

Please correct me here, if I'm wrong about this.


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