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Re: Fungus on eggs

Sounds like you are doing a lot of things right Chris! Your seller was
indeed generous. You probably know to keep the Nsukka and Akure apart.
Trying to tell the females from one another is often a difficult to
impossible task.

There was a guy in this area about 15 years ago who claimed that he could
I.D. all his gardneri which he raised together in 55 gallon tanks. His
Misaje were huge! Of course they had unique color patterns too.

I think it was Edd Kray, on this list a short while ago, who wisely
suggested that we should get to know our female killies better. ("Hi, I'm
Scott....")  Why tempt fate though.

I mentioned before that I used the medicinal dyes rarely on eggs. Actually
the last time was in 1979. Pick off the funky ones and they will be ok.

I'm sorry that you were asked to fool with any dye if eggs are coloring.
Change the incubating water every couple of days and cross your fingers.  ;)

All the best!


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