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Fungus on eggs

Hi Chris,

         I would get the eggs into larger containers -- try the nice big 
glass containers that Salsa comes in at the supermarket -- keeping with your 
salsa theme :-) That way, if the fry hatch there is enough room and water. 
Also a bit of java moss in the hatching container, just a sprig or two, and a 
pinch of pre-boiled or water logged peat moss also is helpful to the eggs. As 
Scott said, change the egg water every other day or so and replace with 
similar aged water. Don't worry too much about the dyes, it sounds like the 
guy you got them from had them in a dye before he sent them -- if they are 
       When the fry hatch you can move them with a spoon or small baster or 
even a large eye dropper. Have a good sized -- say a gallon -- container set 
up with aged water, some java moss and a bit of peat on the bottom to put the 
newly hatched eyes in. Rubbermaid food storage containers are good. Use the 
long low rectangular ones. Small plastic critter tanks are good too.
     Have live baby brine shrimp ready to go.
       Good luck. Don't get too discouraged if you have problems. It takes a 
little experience to get the hang of it but once you do, killies are a snap.

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