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Re: Fungus on eggs

The package says ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: nitrofurazone, furazolidone, potassium dichromate.  None of which I know what they are. I just took the eggs out of their little place, poured as much of the water out as i could without pouring eggs out, and made a very dilluted solution, just barely had a green tint. When I poured out the water though, I noticed that some of the eggs were dyed blue, very blue. Will this hurt them any? What should I do now?
  Wright Huntley <jwwiii at pacbell_net> wrote: 

Chris Browning wrote:
> Ok, so stop using the Fungus Clear? 

Read the ingredients. As I recall, Jungle always lists them, and the 
Fungus Clear is probably just salt and acriflavin (or is that Fungus 
Guard?). For eggs, use at way below normal dose levels if it is acriflavin.

> Well, I just typed a bunch on asking if I could use Rid Ich from Kordon, but then I finally found where it lists the active ingredients, one being Formaldehyde. Well, I guess I'll do some more searching around and try and find something else, I'll first look for what you suggested.
> Tyrone Genade wrote: On 22 Jul 2002, at 23:08, Chris Browning wrote:
>>I just acquired my first killifish eggs through the mail, and was told
>>to use Acriflavin in the water to keep them from getting fungus. I
>>have searched and searched but can't find anywhere to buy it from! So
>>I bought Jungle brand Fungus clear. Will this work? AND, I have also
>>heard that the dye some of the chemicals use can actually dye, and
>>harden the eggs to a point where the fish can not even break free! Is
>>this true?! And if so, what should I do?

Many dyes and formaldehyde work in very similar ways. They are "tanning" 
agents that are able to cross-link adjacent proteins and make them 
tougher. That can kill bacteria, but don't overdo it to the point of 
staining the eggs much or you may make their chorion too tough to hatch 
easily, when the time comes.

Clean water, frequently changed at first, is probably more important. 
The eggs need plenty of oxygen and freedom from bacteria and decay 
products that can produce ammonia or other toxic substances. I like 
shallow Petri dishes for hatching, as the large surface area assures 
fairly good oxygen content.


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