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Re: Spell checker

Al Anderson wrote:
> Is there an easy way too add the KMI list to the spell checker?

Generic answer is probably no.

Do you want it to handle the collection locations? ;-) They are all in 
the Huber Killi-Data ("dead-tree" version) AFAIK. Codes are in the 
Langton "Collections" booklet.

Basically, you must reduce it from the tables it is organized in, now, 
to a simple list of text words. The method from there may be dependent 
on your particular e-mail editor and spelling "dictionary" and will vary 
from one to the other a bit.

Good luck,


PS. As I recall, Dr. Thuan Nguyen did the entry lists for our WCW 
software and there were a *lot* of exceptions from KMI 4 needed to 
handle new species, "sp. affinis" descriptions, etc. I was amazed at how 
much trouble he (and before him, the late Al Castro) had trying to get 
it right!

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