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Re: Fungus on eggs

On 22 Jul 2002, at 23:08, Chris Browning wrote:

> I just acquired my first killifish eggs through the mail, and was told
> to use Acriflavin in the water to keep them from getting fungus. I
> have searched and searched but can't find anywhere to buy it from! So
> I bought Jungle brand Fungus clear. Will this work? AND, I have also
> heard that the dye some of the chemicals use can actually dye, and
> harden the eggs to a point where the fish can not even break free! Is
> this true?! And if so, what should I do?

Hello Chris,

What you want to do is keep the eggs free of bacteria as opposed to 
fungus. Healthy eggs in general don't fungus, the egg shell is able 
to keep out the hyphnea.

The acriflavine serves as an antibiotic combatting bacteria (and to a 
degree fungus).

To keep your eggs healthy you can use one of a vast variety of anti-
bacteria (finrot) remedies. My favourite is Tetra General Tonic at 
half strength (i.e. half the recommended dose). 

Stay away from drugs with formaldehyde in them. You are looking for a 
drug with a mix of acradine dyes (to kill bacteria) and methylene 
blue (promote oxygen transfer). Malachite green is quite a powerful 
antibiotic and it best avoided unless you know what you are doing. It 
is really only good for washing eggs. I've always managed to kill 
eggs with it.

Good luck

Tyrone Genade
tgenade at sun_ac.za

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University of Stellenbosch, 7602, South Africa
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