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Re: Smog Pump

    I just put together a smog pump and motor last month. This thing is VERY
loud but, it puts out a lot of air. I just bought a spare through ebay and
it is rated at 36 lbs./hr. That works out to a little over 7 cfm. I have 30
tanks and 10 extra valves running wide open to produce enogh flow to keep
the pump cool. My tanks run about 70- 75 deg. F. The amount of heat
transferred to the tanks is minimal. If my calculations are right (.05cfm
per sponge filter), I can run well over 100 tanks (10 gal.). I have 1 valve
that is connected to 25 ft. of air line that is in a 2 ft. deep tank. The
unit has plenty of pressure to push the air to this depth. I got the idea
from  http://homepage.powerup.com.au/~rodpick/fishroom.htm
    There are some things that you can do to make the set-up quieter. It is
not suitable for inside installation. I'm not sure that you could do enough
to keep the noise down. However, if you want to mount it outside there are
several things that can be done to help with noise. If you decide to build a
unit, e-mail me and I will help with what limited knowledge that I have.
    One tip-Do Not use a washing machine motor. It is not rated for
continuous duty and is very inefficient. I use a 1/3 hp. motor. A 1/4 hp
would probably work as well.
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