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Reply help. (Was Re: KillieTalk Digest V4 #256)

Roger Hawthorne wrote:
 > I have been finakky receiving the 'Killie Talk' via e-mail for a few 
days. How do I make a reply?

Reply from the digest is always painful and difficult, so I only
subscribe to the direct list. Same traffic, but more scattered. *Way*
easier to answer.

First. *Always* change the subject line to refer to the message you are
answering. Searching the archives for "KillieTalk Digest XXX" is really
not useful and it gives us no clue if we want to read it or not.

Second. Always edit out all the rest of the messages. Sending an entire
volume of the digest to all 700+ list members is considered a profligate
waste of bandwidth, and a violation of basic "netequette."

Other things that may not apply to you include always turning on word
wrap, so the sentences don't run off the page, and never send anything
to a list that is not in "plain text" aka US ASCII. I forget what others
are helpful, but explore the "Edit - preferences" o/e function of your
menu in your editor to see some.

Hope That Helps (HTH)


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