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Re: AW: nitrate filter

On 22 Jul 2002, at 19:24, Erik Pfingstner wrote:

> what is a powerhead?

essentially a submersable water pump. Nice and handy but the flow 
rate would be too high as Erik points out...

I should of been more clear... my mistake.

My friend has a 22 litre drum which gets fed a small portion of the 
return water from his sump/filter. This tum is so effective that it 
dropped the NO3- levels from about 40 mg/ml to about 20 after one 
week of operation. It is still going strong and keep the NO3- levels 
in his ~3'500 L malawi cichlid grow out system composed of 7 ~500 L 

He turns that system over 4x every hour and has crystal clear water 
all year round inspite of lots of sun shine--- the vats are outside. 
His heating system is evem more elaborate. Most of his HIGH wattage 
heaters are home made and keep the water temperature in winter 
between 16 and 20C inspite of 4C overnight temperatures.

There was an article in AFM a while back on designing the optimum 
anaerobic filter. I think the specs were a 2 meter 5 mm tube with a 
flow rate of 2 ml/min...

In essence if you want reallly GREAT filtration switch to a sand 
filter. Run the outlet the "dark box" with course filter medium and 
then through shell grit to neutralize any nasty H+ ions that are left 
over. I personally prefer the planted tank concept.:-)


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