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RE:My Virus

I use a Linux server to store and serve up email to various clients that I
can connect from, so I never worry much about viruses. Still, this seems
to be a periodic annoyance that can cause real problems for some of the list
members. I know the list strips off attachments (an excellant idea, IMO),
but increasingly clever virus writers seem to find ways to embed nasty
stuff on the message body. We all know this will only get worse. I don't
think there is any "magic bullet", but every email user should be aware of
the risks that come in email.

The best solution I know for Windows users is to read email via a web
interface. Webmail can still transmit virues, but you generally have to
manually run the program, whereas a "user friendly" mail program like
Outlook will run it automatically in some cases. It's also important to
use an up-to-date, secure browser to prevent certain other security
problems. I prefer Mozilla (similar to Netscape 6.x) because I can turn
off pop-up ads and tell it to modify the HTML in my emails to filter out
webbugs and such. I can get the speed and convenience of Outlook with much
greater safety.

BTW, if anyone would like a free email account on my linux server (and
safe webmail), contact me off-list and I'll set it up.

> My connection is a MAC so no problem here either.

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