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Re: nitrate filter

On 21 Jul 2002, at 20:53, YoHoHo at aol_com wrote:

> How do you construct a nitrate filter??

If you are willing to go with powerheads and actually move water all 
you need is a dark box with filter medium. As long as there is no 
light and the filter has no access to air it will begin to function 
anaerobicly and break down the nitrate. 

The same thing occurs in any sand substrate. The NO3- will be broken 
down to NH3 and taken up by plants if pressent or even go to N2 
(whihc is what will happen in an anaerobic filter as the bacteria 
want the O2 from the NO3-).

Unless you are going to try an implement ways to reduce your 
phosphate levels and other fish wastes (hormones etc...) you will 
still have to do water changes.


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