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Re: Daphnia for Yo-Ho-Ho

I thought it was a dead chipmunk, and the cat, posthumously clad in wire and rocks to keep it discreet was added opportunistically later.  Was that in the Aquarium Digest International magazine? I remember the article about using bruised spinach was in ADI, perhaps somewhere around Issue 17.

I was anxious to see someone else's daphnia cookbook, but it turned out to be mine, and was duly credited at the bottom. It was written years ago, so the prices are out of date. It think it was also an older version that does not mention brineshrimpdirect's Tahitian Blend, an algae paste that is great for new and problem cultures. Nor does it mention that if your water supply is deficient in iodine, that dosing the culture with a marine reef iodine product following the instructions for dosing a reef tank almost always has a dramatic effect. If I win "Reef food" at a club auction, I have learned not to add it to my reef tank, but most of them work well in the daphnia culture, except those that are nearly pure distilled water.

A Metacrawler search will also give you lots of sites to chose from the Live Foods Digest archives are full of Daphnia information. I also have a 50+ question Daphnia FAQ that is mostly about daphnia. I don't know if that will show up or not.
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I know this is a bit of a cop-out but there are several zillion things I've
gotta do Frank. This address will take you to three classics - Bill
Vannerson's Daphnia cookbook, One of Dan McMonigle's (McDaphnia) postings on
Daphnia and James Langhammer's opus on Daphnia originally posted to the
livebearers mailing list but widely quoted and reprinted.

In fact do a Google search for Daniel McMonigle and Daphnia and you will get
a ton of good information. Also look back on this list in the archives for
Daphnia and greenwater the last week in June (a dead cat in a pond

For the large daphnia you have (I might know the strain) you want some
light - maybe even a little moon 24-7 as per Langhammer, a consistent food
source without over-doing it (which is why I like greenwater so), some
movement of the water (not little bubbles, countable bubbles from a piece of
hard airline tubing) and some water changes.  Coolness is not bad - put them
on the basement floor for 60-70 degrees - if you have a basement. The more
space you have, the more you will harvest.

A lot of strained or powdered foods are on my "do sometime" list. If
nutritious and not over fed, some variety would be good. Keep snails in
abundance for clean-up purposes and also as bacteria/ protist generators. If
you blend something, either get your own blender or blend when your spouse
is out running errands.
In a sense raising a live food such as this is a lot like raising fish.

While I was plunking this out Lee recommended water changes. (I can hear
Charles now..... but he would be right.) Siphon with a smallish tube so as
not to mash the Daphnia - through a fine meshed net - return or feed the
contents. The new water should be seasoned just like that saved for your

When a culture really gets going outside, I will take a cut open milk jug,
remove X number of jugs of water and Daphnia, and strain through that fine
meshed net (white so I can see the darn things) watering something in the
garden. Ideally X number of jugs of greenwater will be returned to the
culture later.

I think it was Romeo Mura who had an under & over greenwater/ daphnia
set-up. The bottom tank was lit most of the time. It was a 35 gallon tank
populated with several hungry always pooping odd male chiclets. ;) It looked
like they were always celebrating St. Patrick's day. (Theology and history
note: Patrick would probably be disappointed by how the holy day is

The top tank was a 55 with tame aeration. He (Romeo, not Patrick) often
changed out up to 15 gallons  per day to the Daphnia tank. That meant up to
15 gallons had to come out of the daphnia tank and up to 15 gallons of new
water went in with the poop machines. That kind of feeding & water changes =
food for a lot of killies.

Gotta go change some water, including a thin greenwater before it gets dark

Quiz Friday.

All the best!


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