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Re: Gambasia affini

Your missing Gambusia problem could be due to any of the animals you mentioned, but also due to wading birds.  Do you ever see any around or in your pool.  I have a friend who had a problem keeping killis in his backyard pool of about the same depth and finally discovered he was feeding a neighbor's cat!

Carole Lyle DeMort

 Wayne Morrow 

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>Subject: Gambasia affini 

>Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 19:32:23 -0500 


>While they may not be considered to be killifish, they vanished from my pool this year. 12' x 12' x 2' in USDA Zone 7. 

>They've been there for years, even dealing with two large gamefish who somehow showed up. 

>The Winter temperatures weren't unusual. 

>Turtles? Snakes? Raccoons? 


>Wayne Morrow 





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