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     I do daphnia indoors and out. Summers are hot here (Texas) so the indoor 
cultures are necessary -- although I collected a bunch out of my tubs outside 
under the Magnolia trees this morning. Anyway, I have 3 ten gallon tanks with 
large sponge filters, well aerated, lots of snails, hard alkaline water, 90% 
water change once a week and lots of D. magna.  I feed a mix of yeast and 
baby food sweet potatos every few days, determined by when the water clears 
after a feeding. No more food until crystal clear water again. For food, I 
divide a pint of water with a tsp of yeast and 2 tbsps of sweet potatos 
dissolved within it between the three tanks. Temperatures run between 74 - 
84F. I keep three tanks because one always crashes every once in a while. 
When I change water I don't worry about loosing a few daphnia -- it makes the 
change easier and faster and the change is important! I do put a light at the 
back of the tanks to attract the daphnia and then I siphon from other areas 
of the tank. Also, if you a strainer on the siphon it slows the water flow 
and the daphnia can swim away to a degree. You can also siphon from behind 
the sponge filter and that cuts down on losses. Lee's net idea is great -- 
gee, why did I never think of that!?
     That's it and I get tons of bright orange beasties and a few cyclops. 
Daphnia pulex is harder to culture. I would love to try D. moina some day. I 
like watching the daphnia as much as the fish.

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