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AW: Fresh food for fry?

Hi John,

> Are there any additional "clean" live foods that can be kept in
> the tank in case fry hatch rather spontaneously?

Rotifers. The ones I have will feed on algae and if you want to have lots,
you will need to run a separate culture. The advantage is they dont foul if
not eaten since they simply continue living. There are several ways of
feeding the rotifers. Algae is simply the cleanest way since it does not
foul up the water.

> What is the most common cause of fry death, given a BBS diet and daily,
> treated water changes?   It must be something I am doing, as I have a 100%
> failure rate.

At my place in Germany, I have bad tap water and used to have lots of dead
fry just after water change. On an immediate basis you can handle that by
making less water change and by using only water from another, bigger tank,
which has not had fresh water in the last 48 hours. That method did work.
Though I now am using a RO filter and am hardening up the water.

> How do you know if you are adding too much dye to the hatch
> water?    Should
> it be light or medium green?

I cant help you on that

> Is there a place to purchase culture of "clean" micro foods for fish? Is
> there a way to clean the media from microworms?

Rotifers as I said. Such cultures are poor on bacteria if you feed the
rotifers with algae. In order to clean the micro worms you need an extremely
fine gaze. I dont know where you get these. Millers and bakers use such
things. Ask their providers.

>  Is it hazardous to accidentally place BBS cysts in with the shrimp when
> feeding fry? Can they choke?

Very small fry can choke. But most will spit them out again or just swallow

> When water is replaced, should it be clean, treated water, or that from
> an established tank?

That depends on the quality of your water. In some areas like 4 miles away
where I used to live, tap water ist wondefull and fish will love it. In
other areas like where I live tap water, even if treated is deadly for joung
killies. Try it out with water from another tank  and if your fry survive,
then you know what was wrong.


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