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AW: changing water . . .

Ha! Here you get some coliding data:

I have been reading opinions in the oposite direction: change water the less
possible! myself I am basically used to big tanks. For my 450 Liters (120
Gal) tank I have constructed a nitrate filter. I had it run during nearly
one year and despite changing water very seldomly, I never could measure any
nitrates at all. I never measured phosphates but having no algae at all, I
did not bother.

The filter went untight some time ago and I constructed another one. I put
it in use on wensday and had 30 mg/l nitrates and 0.25 mg/l phosphates at
that time. I bet that in 4-6 weeks, I will have zero nitrates without
changing any water.

After reading the mail of barry where he  describes shortly his filter
system, I got the idea of combining his system with mine. Barry wrote: "Each
of my racks has about 100 gals of water in the tanks. Under each rack is a
sump holding about 50 gals, with a recirculating system on each rack." Well,
you could put such a 10 gal nitrate filter filtering the water in the sump
and that would be it. I assume it would reduce a lot the needed water

Think of it, in nature most killies live in small ponds and water wholes.
They get fresh water only when it rains and that is extremely soft water -
that's it!


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> Betreff: changing water . . .
> When changing water one needs to remember: Nothing works as good as
> flushing the commode. and
>   Change as much of your water as often as you can.
>   I try to syphon off as much water out of each tank as I can and then
> fill with changing water. I would like to use the water outside in
> the lawn or flower beds. That is something I could work on. (Carrying
> buckets, no I don't think so.) One can never get back to the water
> quality one started with except by exchanging all of the stuff in the
> commode. I learned this from talking to Ed Warner and watching him in
> his fish room.
> Clean water = healthy fry, this was and continues to be their
> equation and mine as well. Leaving behind a fraction of the previous
> tank water leaves behind the fractional waste as well. Over time it
> continues to build and continues to alter the environment.
> If one does this regularly there is no problem with shocks. But it
> does take attention to the fish room.
> Changing water for me is pumped into the tanks with a submersible
> pump from a 55 gal plastic drum of thiosulfate treated temperature
> controlled water. In Texas in the summer months, hot water comes out
> of both taps. I had a greater problem of controlling the temperature
> in Ft Worth than anything else.
> More water changes - - -
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