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water recycling

I understand how you get the water to the tanks, but without drilling the 
tanks, I do not understand how you get the water out of the tanks.

Could you please be a little more specific on this point??


> > Each of my racks has about 100 gals of water in the tanks. Under each rack
> > is a sump holding about 50 gals, with a recirculating system on each rack.
> > To do a water change, I pump out the sump and replace the water. All tanks
> > are therefore changed in one operation and the slow recirculation makes
> > changes in water parameters occur gradually in the tanks.
>Wow, that's about as painless as you can get! If I had to
>change 150 tanks on a weekend using the siphon/bucket
>method, I'd be a little depressed. I don't see why that
>design wouldn't survive scaling down to a smaller fishroom.Thanks for
>sharing, Barry!
>Thanks for sharing

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