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Re: Fresh food for fry?

Many thanks, all.

Are there any additional "clean" live foods that can be kept in the tank in
case fry hatch rather spontaneously?

I have a microworm culture, but find that fouls the water easily if you
happen to pick-up some culture media when adding to the tank.

What is the most common cause of fry death, given a BBS diet and daily,
treated water changes?   It must be something I am doing, as I have a 100%
failure rate.

How do you know if you are adding too much dye to the hatch water?    Should
it be light or medium green?   I read Wright's old message about "tanning"
the egg sack with dye to the point where the fry can't break free.
What color should the eggs be to ensure they are still healthy?     If they
turn a dark color is there still hope, or have they gone bad?      Is there
a rule of thumb on incubation time?   Is there a way to help safely prevent
fungus in hatch water?   How does fungus affect the hatch rate?      Is
there a place to purchase culture of "clean" micro foods for fish?     Is
there a way to clean the media from microworms?

 Is it hazardous to accidentally place BBS cysts in with the shrimp when
feeding fry?    Can they choke?  When water is replaced, should it be clean,
treated water, or that from an established tank?

I apologize for all the questions, but right now I am a bit inundated in
eggs, and can't seem to get the process right unless it is by extreme
accident.       I have read books, but for some reason, this hobby just
isn't so cut and dried.

Many thanks,
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>   I have noticed that occasionally fry have appeared in my tanks and have
> >  apparently been eating fish flakes to the point where they mature ....
> > My thought is that the fry are grazing on infusorians growing naturally
> your tank.
> .... not to mention slower, smaller, sometimes not so bright siblings and
> any tiny bugs falling into the tank. :)
> The Detroit Notho gurus used to wean their Nothos off of baby brine shrimp
> onto crushed flake food by putting similar sized gardneri fry
> (distinguishably different, but willing to eat anything they can
> Indian-wrestling into their mouths) in the tank. When the little Nothos
> the gardneri pigging out on the flakes they gradually "got the idea" and
> began eating the flakes too. Interesting example of conditioning.
> Wayyyyyy back when, I purchased a small pair each of Lou Sandburg's N.
> rachovii and kirki at a Cincinnati show. For the next year I marveled at
> gorgeous they looked and how well they did mostly on flakes. On the other
> hand, I was so taken by those beauties that they did get their 20-30%
> water changes faithfully.
> All the best....
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