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Re: linear piston pumps/Lee's waterchanging topic

Does the Jemoco pump come with an air pre-filter? When I purchased my
Sweetwater pump over a decade ago the fine print on the sides of the pump
pointed out that it never needed oiling. It said nothing about the air

However a couple of years ago I noticed considerably less air coming through
the system. I turned it off after a while and turned it over to a fishclub
friend who is as mechanically inclined as I am not.

He took a look at it and concluded that a decade's collection of impurities
in the air had clogged it up. He also checked with the company selling them
and sure enough, there are airfilters available for the intake line.

Cleaned up, that pump is ready to go another decade. Maybe longer if I ever
go to the Aquatic Eco-systems on-line store or call them up in Apopka, FL
and if they still service that old a machine.

Has anybody made their own pre-filters? Something easily produced but more
sophisticated that a clean sock tied on?

All the best and thanks,


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