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Re: Fresh food for fry?

  I have noticed that occasionally fry have appeared in my tanks and have =
>  apparently been eating fish flakes to the point where they mature ....

> My thought is that the fry are grazing on infusorians growing naturally in
your tank.

.... not to mention slower, smaller, sometimes not so bright siblings and
any tiny bugs falling into the tank. :)

The Detroit Notho gurus used to wean their Nothos off of baby brine shrimp
onto crushed flake food by putting similar sized gardneri fry
(distinguishably different, but willing to eat anything they can
Indian-wrestling into their mouths) in the tank. When the little Nothos saw
the gardneri pigging out on the flakes they gradually "got the idea" and
began eating the flakes too. Interesting example of conditioning.

Wayyyyyy back when, I purchased a small pair each of Lou Sandburg's N.
rachovii and kirki at a Cincinnati show. For the next year I marveled at how
gorgeous they looked and how well they did mostly on flakes. On the other
hand, I was so taken by those beauties that they did get their 20-30% weekly
water changes faithfully.

All the best....

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