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Re: Hi, I am new here - Metric-American conversions

Take a look at ...


Somebody on this list pointed this out some time ago - and I really
appreciate it.

Someone else on another list suggested that the US and mighty Mozambique
were the only two countries still using the old English system. I can't
imagine why Mozambique would be using it, so maybe the informant was wrong.

Breeding Killifishes / Die Zucht von Killifischen / Elever des Killies
published by the DKG and available through a couple of the national killie
groups has a useful chart on page 36. At least that's the page the book
always opens to these days.

You don't need the excuse of needing the chart to buy the book though. Eric,
you probably want to check the DGK site.

Those charts (there are surely many others on the Net) should hold us until
Americans catch up with the 20th century. ;)

All the best!


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