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Re: AW: AW: AW: linear piston pumps

Erik Pfingstner wrote:
> Wow Lee,
> thanks a lot, this URL gives a conversion program (convert.exe) which is
> absolutely wonderfull. I have it right on my desktop and I recomend it to
> anyone who regularly communicates with non english or american natives.

Even better, most engineers need to swing back and forth in various 
units systems. My Palm Pilot carries a neat little utility program that 
makes it into a full scientific calculator, and even does it in "Reverse 
Polish," which tends to accuracy a bit better than parentheses.

It is cheap and quick, and has most of the useful conversion factors 
built in. Do a web search for "RPN" and enjoy. [BTW, I think it is 
accurate in modern ISI units, too.]


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