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Fresh food for fry?

Hello all,

I have noticed that occasionally fry have appeared in my tanks and have =
apparently been eating fish flakes to to the point where they mature and =
can eat other food.    Also, leaving them with the parents seems to work =
favorably as long as they have plenty of places to hide.    This is =
certainly true for some "Mirabilis" I have now.

This is contrary to the theory that fry need live food and should be in =
separate tanks.   Does anyone have thoughts on that?   Does it only work =
for certain species?   =20

I have lost more fry in trying to "follow the rules" in feeding BBS and =
doing regular water changes, than this other 'contrarian' method.  =20

When I do follow the rules, I usually do the following:

1)  Pluck eggs from mops
2)  Place in shallow container of treated water with methyl blue and =
acriflavine (leaving a darker, greenish colour)
3)  Some eggs hatch, most do not
4)  I feed fry BBS and change with treated water (Novaquel) every day
5)  Fry usually last for a week or so, then mysteriously expire

I have a theory that some cysts may be gettig into the water and that =
fry are choking, but I can't confirm.               =20

Also, if anyone has good resources for buying live food for fry (or even =
plants) that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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