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AW: AW: linear piston pumps

thanks Lee and Hello,

I just had a hard time figuring out what 2 PSI was equivalent in the
civilized metric system :-)

You know we in the civilized world use bars and millibars as pression units.
And your american new world dictionary gave me a hard time by giving me a
wrong definition. So, if I got things right, 1 PSI is equivalent to 70,4
millibars. I am not quite sure though.

Does someone have a conversion table to check it up? By the way, it would be
good to post somewhere a conversion table (or conversion formulas) for all
the anglo-american measurement units into metric system. I think we
europeans have a hard time understanding you when you use your funny units

> << do you know what volume of air does your machine pump? >>
> 1.6 CFM @ 2 PSI is what is claimed. I have not measured it.

That is 45 litters per minute pumped at 1,4 meters under water. Funny, that
is very little air but the hell of a pressure. In usual aquaristic
environments, we do not have such pressures. But what was written in
previous mails suggests that it pumps much more air when the pressure is


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