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Re: Reconsider use of Baking soda.

>  Wright commented:
>Oops. I think you meant Calcium here.
>>Permanent or General hardness are cause by divalent metal ions, and 
>>not by Carbonates. >>

Well yes and no. The amount of carbonate in the water makes the 
Calcium durable, not removed by boiling. But the Di-valent ions are 
responsible for hardness, correct there.

and the complexity of the situation goes on even more since there is 
some solubility of other Calcium and Magnesium salts that may support 
hardness beyond the Carbonate/Bi-Carbonate concentration. Of course, 
if the amount of excess Bicarbonate does not exceed the Calcium 
Carbonate solubility, boiling will not reduce the Calcium hardness, 
it just removes the CO2

>Charles Harrison wrote:
>>Boat, I still wonder why there is such a need to alter the water 
>>chemistry, but to help Wright out of his ChemRubber suit . . .
>>Temporary hardness in due to Calcium Bicarbonate while permanent 
>>hardness is due to the amount of Carbonate present in the water.

Carbonates really have nothing to do with hardness, neither does pH. 
Divalent and some other metal ions make water difficult or * Hard * 
to make soap suds in. I continue to wonder just how much this 
*Hardness* situation affects our Kilie keeping. So far I have found 
the benefits of the buffering effects far outweigh the hardness ions 

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