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Re: Reconsider use of Baking soda.

In a message dated 7/21/02 11:05:05 AM, jwwiii at pacbell_net writes:

<< Charles just reminded me -- off to change some water. >>

Good advice, but let's stimulate the group and ask how do you do it. I have 
three techniques that all depend on the size of the tank.

1) for larger than 10 gallons, I run a python to and from the aquarium -- but 
when I start the siphon, I run it into buckets to dispense to the garden.  
Then I refill directly from the tap with the addition of dechlorinating 
chemical -- sodium thiosulfate.
2) 4-10 gallons -- I siphon into a bucket and refill by pumping from 55 
gallon drum that is aged with recirculation through peat and addition of 
dechlorinating salts.
3) Less than 4 gallons -- I carry to the sink and use a turkey baster to 
remove bottom stuff and scoop out some more. I refill the same as 2). My 
least preferred and most time consuming procedure.

    In most cases I change about 1/3 of the water as often as I can find the 
time. Not often enough for the smaller more numerous and more labor intensive 
sizes. As I get less inclined to spend 18/7 doing water changes, I will move 
to fewer, larger tanks, I am sure. Either that or I will install a 
semiautomatic system.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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