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Re: Reconsider use of Baking soda.

LeeH920226 at aol_com wrote:
> An interesting map is available at: 
> http://water.usgs.gov/owq/map1.jpeg

Fascinating picture, Lee. Shows the ancient sea beds pretty clearly, 
where diatomes and shells have made for huge Ca deposits.

> It will help explain why different folks in different regions have a 
> different perspective on water chemistry. It is a challenge to maintain fish 
> at other than your local water supply parameters unless you add or remove 
> chemicals or collect rainwater -- if it rains.

And often not needed! When I moved to Modesto and found that the water 
had high tds, I assumed it was similar to the ground water from around 
SF Bay. WRONG! The tds was similar, but the local water report revealed 
that the Ca and Mg were actually pretty low (per the 60-120 of your map) 
and that the solids had more salinity, etc. than I was used to. In 
Fremont (and San Jose), the Ca/Mg (expressed as CaCO3 equiv.) component 
was as high as 300 ppm in the ground water (2/3 of tds), and usually 
over 200 even after dilution with Sierra water. Tough on some Aphyo/Epi 
eggs, IMO.

I should be able to do most Aphyos here, and the tds is high enough for 
most annuals, too, without adding much salt. :-) Picked up a couple of 
the elegans group at the meeting, yesterday, so we shall see. Which 
ones? *Aphyosemion cognatum* "Gilima, Z 91/3" and
*Aphyosemion congicum* "Takundi, Vue River, Z 82/17"

Charles just reminded me -- off to change some water.


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