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Temp Hardness vs permanent hardness was DYING SNAILS

Boat, I still wonder why there is such a need to alter the water 
chemistry, but to help Wright out of his ChemRubber suit . . .

Temporary hardness in due to Calcium Bicarbonate while permanent 
hardness is due to the amount of Carbonate present in the water. All 
are pH dependent and the addition of more CO2 will add more HCO3- 
(acidity) which will bring more calcium into solution but does not 
necessarily improve water quality, nor the quality of the snails well 
being either.

Could the verity of red snails just be weaker biologically than the 
darker ones? Perhaps they are not getting what they need for 

Dissolved solids can be a lot of things, sugar and carbohydrates for 
instance. Sodium chloride changes things also. The boiler scale is 
just calcium carbonate which has precipitated out of solution. It is 
soluble in acid with release of CO2. Heating solutions of Calcium 
Bicarbonate releases Carbon Dioxide and forms Calcium Carbonate which 
has limited solubility. I might add that Calcium Phosphate is 
virtually insoluble and a product which is formed between some of the 
foods we feed and the hardness in our water. It also coats lime stone 
and other sources of Calcium over time and eliminates them as a 

Animals get their building blocks from the food they eat. The things 
which make a snail shell hard or thin are in the environment in which 
they live. A stable living environment is a major life need as well. 
If you quickly change the water quality with the addition of any pH 
alternating compounds you change the osmotic pressure, the pH and 
affect any pH dependent ions in the solution all at the same time. A 
stable environment is a critical element to any animal's well being, 
snail, fish and others.

One needs to routinely flush the toilet. The same changing water 
should be available as needed.

which I need to do today!

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