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Re: A (Chromaphyosemion) sp. Mile 29, also dark substrate

> Careful Bill, railroad right-of-ways used to be sprayed with herbicedes
> I think still are.

Definitely not the way to go.

Substrates in my tanks depend on the fish. Most have a dark gravel (
purchased from the local quarry) and found sandstone and granite rocks (nice
to have a stream in the back yard). Many have driftwood (mostly found on
collecting trips) and all have plants of some sort. BTW, the square plastic
tubs (4x4x1 or so) that groundcovers come in around here are great for
holding plants--fill with lava rock or gravel. Just be sure to wash the tub
well first.

You'll get lots of ideas when you come out to collect you fish and visit all
our fish rooms. Hope to see you at the end of August.


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