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Re: List Membership

Allen, I've never had any trouble receiving the killietalk info; but I use msn as my e-mail address.  Do you have any folders as part of your e-mail grouping into which killietalk e-mail may be being sent?  This did happen to me when I first signed up.  They were ending up in my "bulk mail" folder; but I just switched them back to my inbox.

Carole Lyle DeMort

From: "Allen Boatman" 

>Reply-To: killietalk at AKA_Org 

>To: KillieTalk at AKA_Org 

>Subject: List Membership 

>Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 08:16:03 -0400 



> I have tried twice to sign up for this list with the digest option with 

>my home address (allensandra at boatmans_com) . Major-Domo has not contacted 

>me on either try,and I am still getting bounced to you. Is everyone 

>having this problem or is it just me? 


>Frustrated in Florida, 




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