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Re: Hi, I am new here

Hi Erik, Welcome to killitalk.  I think you'll find that we have a very diverse group of people who belong to and regularly contribute to this list.  My own primary interest is in the saltwater killies and their relatives.  I am a fisheries biologist at a university; but I'm not content to maintain killies just at my research lab; presently I am keeping 4 species of killies and quite a few other species of estuarine fish.

Carole Lyle DeMort


>From: "Erik Pfingstner" 

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>Subject: Hi, I am new here 

>Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 17:58:50 +0200 




>my name is Erik Pfingstner and I am new on this list. I live in Germany and 

>have Killies since about 1 1/2 years. I have 9 tanks ranging from 8 Liters 

>(2 Galls) to 450 Liters (115 Galls) and hold S. Constanciae, N. Whitei, F. 

>Sjoestedti, Dageti, and some non Killies. 


>I have been holding fish during about 16 years and have already done many of 

>the mistakes that can be done. 


>I have been on the SAA mailing list and on the german DKG mailing list for a 



>I wish us all a good exchange of data, fish and a lot of fun, 








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