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Re: linear piston pumps

I recently bought the smallest sized Jehmco pump (26 watts). I mostly
wanted to save electricity and figured it would be adequate for my needs.
So far is has plenty of air to drive airstones and sponge filters in:

14 - 10 gallon
6 - 15 gallon
5 - 20 longs
1 - BS hatchery

I leave one of the extra valves pretty much wide open to bleed off the
excess air, and some of the other valves are obviously leaking (I hear the
hiss). I'm not sure I could run twice as many tanks, but I'm sure I
could add another 10 or so without any problem. Notice, all these tanks
are only 12 inches deep, and I think that's why I have excess air.

If you are not sure you need even this much air, I'd suggest you get a
regular pump like the Rena 400 several people have raved about, and build
your air distribution system with 3/4 inch PVC and quality valves. If you
find that the pump is not powerful enough to drive all your tanks, then
get the linear pump from Jehmco. I think you'll be amazed at how much air
one of those Rena pumps can produce if the distribution system is really
good. Pumping air through airline tubing requires a lot more from the pump
than if it goes via PVC pipe. I try to make the final runs to the tanks
as short as possible.


 On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, William Ruyle wrote:
> I would like some info from end-users on those Japanese pumps Jehmco sells. What's
> there longevity, how much upkeep, and what's the minimum # of tanks to even consider their smallest model. Thanks in
> advance for any advice given.
> Bill

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