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Re: Hi, I am new here

Welcome to the list Eric!

> I have been holding fish during about 16 years and have already done many
> the mistakes that can be done.

Unfortunately that isn't enough to keep some of us from repeating them from
time to time again.  ;)

All kidding aside, your membership in those other lists and the killies you
already keep is certainly evidence that you are indeed interested in killies
and committed to finding out more about them. You have probably already
explored links many of us may not be familiar with.

You will find this list has a diverse group of people (with the common
affliction of killie keeping). It is fascinating meeting so many interesting
people which one would never otherwise have the privilege of encountering.
It is remarkable how a person can ask a pretty esoteric question and several
others will come up with answers almost none of us dreamed existed.

Your experience with other fishes over the years can also be of use here. A
number of years ago I joined a regular aquarium society partly with the idea
of promoting killies. I was fascinated with how aquarists with other
specialties kept their fish. I'm sure I learned more from the other
specialties than they did from me. :)

That seems to be the nature of a gathering of "fish-heads".

All the best!


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