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Hi everyone,

I'm wearing my sheepish grin. You may have noticed a recent message that 
suggested that the sign-up page for killietalk on the AKA web site was not 
working. I didn't know that and checked it out. There was a glitch that 
arose from the big server crash of  a few months ago. I fixed the problem, 
and found that there was a backlog of messages waiting to go out. You may 
find yourself suddenly getting messages from killietalk some weeks after 
you tried to sign up. If you want those messages, I apologize for the 
delay. If you no longer want the messages, please send a message to 
majordomo at aka_org with the following in the body:

unsubscribe killietalk <youremailaddress>

substituting the subscribed email address for <youremailaddress>

If you are receiving the digest format, enter:

unsubscribe killietalk-digest <youremailaddress>

If you have questions or problems, please email me.

My apologies for any inconvenience.


See http://www.aka.org/AKA/subkillietalk.html to unsubscribe
Join the AKA at http://www.aka.org/AKA/Applic.htm