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Re: GH2

> I was struck by how this fish is changing from the
> early form from 1974 which is also pictured on this
> page. The caudal & body markings seem to have
> changed over the generations they have been bred in
> captivity. What do you think?
The new pic is quite similar to the GH2's that I have.
If you put 20 of my males side by side they would look
pretty much the same. Over time the reddish dots on
the fins have definitely merged to form larger fewer
dots, and the bars on the body are getting thicker.
The original pic also looks to have a yellowish caste
on the tail. None of mine would exhibit that. Despite
the differences, I think that for a fish that has
nearly disappeared several times, probably started
with a small gene pool, has been maintained by
hobbyist (varying numbers over the years), still looks
remarkable similar after 28 years! 
What is really wonderful is you spending the time and
effort to put together a site and chasing down old
pictures so we can at least see what the fish used to
look like. Very hard to maintain something without
having a base pic to compare to. I will start watching
closely for any GH2's I get that have some yellow on
the tail and more/smaller spots. They will need to be
carefully evaluated as to having some 'old time' genes
that need to be maintained.
David Ramsey
David Ramsey

David Ramsey
djramsey30045 at yahoo_com

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