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Re: In search of pygmy crawfish

: In search of pygmy crawfish

> I got a few from someone last summer, but they have all since been
"snacked on" by local wildlife that decides to drink out of my tub
pond.  Is there anyone who can hook me up w/ 1/2 a dozen or so? 
They breed like crazy, so even a pair or trio would be great.  Thanks
in advance for any help. 

Hi John!

Jonah's aquarium http://jonahsaquarium.com/ carries what they are calling
Cambarellus shufeldi, dwarf crayfish. Individuals may be able to get them
for you a little less expensively.

By the way, as part of my one (certainly satisfasctory) purchase from that
site, I was able to buy several fine mesh nets for daphnia and mosquito
larvae harvesting. I bought both the white and green netting.

Found that the white is much more useful in harvesting live food.

The green works well in netting fish. The fine mesh means there is less
tangling of fins - though that is a bigger deal with fishes bigger than

All the best!

Fellow purveyor of choice victuals to wildlife.

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