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Re: Killies in Big Tanks

Hey Steve!

I saw your post during final exams. Did you you ever get the answers you

I'd rather just call up as opposed to e-mailing. The list did offer a lot of
the good reasons for bigger killies.

All the best!


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> In a message dated 5/30/2002 8:13:45 PM Central Daylight Time,
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> > Hi All,
> >
> >          Bob G., I read your post on breeding in small "leafy" "dirty"
> > tanks
> > and it inspired me to share some experiences I have been having. For
> > I
> > bred trios in small tanks all nice and dark. In the last year, I have
> >
> > to multiple pairs in 30 gallon tanks. The tanks are bare bottomed,
> > black on the outside bottom and back (sometimes). The tanks are full of
> > various potted (in clay pots) plants and lots of Java moss and floating
> > ferns
> > or najas. There is light for the plants. The water is usually soft and
> >
> > and there is lots of peat. Since I have moved to these breeding tanks, I
> >
> > able to keep males together with little or no damage; the fish grow
> > and seem healthier; some are less shy; the range of behavior is amazing
> >
> > the water quality is better. The conditions that are successful with a
> >
> > in a small "dirty" tank; couldn't those same conditions be met in a
> > "dirty" tank? I wonder if we didn't make a mistake in killie keeping
> > in
> > the 1930's when the status quo became a pair or a trio in a small tank.
> > Maybe
> > killies do better in groups. Maybe its a better set up for longtime
> > survival.
> > I think we bring some of our problems on ourselves with our small tanks
> > soft acid water. Any opinions?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Robert
> Hi list:
> This thread came at a great time for me, since I'm just getting back into
> killie fish. Currently I've been breeding a strain of lyertail swordtails
> about 4 years in brick red and green were the bodies alone get to be about
> not including the caudal.  How big tanks applies is that the 2 tanks I
> to use are a 40 breeder and a 29.  My initial thoughts were what a waste
> space, well after reading your post I'm all about giving it a try.
> I do have a few questions though:
> Filtration for your tanks and what kind of peat do you use on the bottom
> the tank? I have hydro sponges and power filters for both tanks. As for
> I have peat pellets like one would use to start seeds in are they okay?
> Thanks,
> Steve
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