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RE: KillieTalk Digest V4 #240

..."nauplius lives off its yolk reserves and does not feed."

- Richard Fox, Department of Biology, Lander University

I'm not sure where I read the material but I believe that I read that the
nauplii do not eat because their anus and mouths are not fully developed
until the first instar.

If Mr. Fox's statement is true, and my recollection of what I read is true,
using greenwater would be futile if you are trying to use the smallest of
the BBS when they are in their most nutritious stage (ala yoke).

Just some thoughts,

Jim Atchison

The Bug Farm < http://www.livefoodcultures.com>
San Rafael, CA  94903

--> Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 09:25:03 -0500
--> From: "William Vannerson" <William_Vannerson at ama-assn_org>
--> Subject: Re: Green water, mosquitos, daphnia update
--> Joe wrote:
--> >>>I have been playing lately with using a mixture of green
--> water to hatch out my BBS.
--> Neat idea.  I assume you are using a marine algae in the
--> hatching water.  Did you source it locally or did you purchase
--> a starter from a supply house?
--> Bill Vannerson
--> McHenry, IL
--> http://vannerson.home.att.net/

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