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Re: Green water, mosquitos, daphnia update

Robert Nhan once advised me to always keep fish in my green water 
containers. It works. The fish eat any Daphnia, mosquito larvae or other 
green-water predators and it gets so thick you can't see an inch into it.

He used feeder goldfish, but I found that White Clouds and *N. whitei* 
worked just as well in our climate. I also have used Paradise Fish with 
similar results. I *never* seemed to get a really rich culture of green 
water without the fish.


Joe Bulterman wrote:
> I have never been able to grow enough green algae to
> sustain large amounts of daphnia.  So, I supplement with
> Brewers Yeast.  Even with an Eastern exposure and the
> stronger Sun at 10,000 ft altitude in Quito, I still need
> to supplement.  However I have been playing lately with
> using a mixture of green water to hatch out my BBS. So far
> I am impressed.  The shrimp seem to last longer and are
> more vigorous and the I can only speculate about the
> nutritional benefit to the fish from having some green in
> their diet. 
> --- David Ramsey <djramsey30045 at yahoo_com> wrote:
>>I bet a lot of you are going to chuckle with a been
>>there, done that.
>>Finally got lots of green water going, actually ran
>>out of mosquitos, and gobs of daphnia. Lasted about 2
>>days. Managed to get daphnia into one of the big tubs
>>growing green water.  That was the end of the green
>>water in that one. Couple of bullfrogs moved in, did
>>there thing, filled 2 more tubs with tadpoles. End of
>>the green water in those 2. They either contaminated
>>the water or ate all the mosquito larvae. Stringy
>>algae moved in so trying to get decent green water out
>>of those 2 tubs was over. Did somehow managed to keep
>>one tub growing green water. Not much but enough to
>>keep the daphnia inside fed somewhat.
>>Finally getting a new supply of green water starting
>>to come on line. Put 2 tubs out in the garden and gave
>>them to the bullfrogs. Now they keep me awake all
>>Jeez, I thought raising killies was hard. This green
>>water, mosquito, and daphnia bit is tough going!!!!
>>Go ahead and laugh.... It has been an adventure more
>>suited to the 3 stooges.
>>David Ramsey
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