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Dark Substrate, Estes gravel

Lee writes:
> No, but Estes has several black and other dark colored gravels. For
> http://www.petluvers.com/estesultrareefmarinesandblack.html
> Lee Harper
> Media, PA

Most of the Estes products I've seen in the LFS have an
epoxy-type lacquer on them that lends an unnatural appearance in the tank
(lighting glints off of it rilly well). I remember some sad tidings, I think
it was the "let's-cycle-a-new-fishless-tank-using-ammonia-crowd" or the
"Muriatic Acid Gang" (MAG, RJ chairs that organization<wink>.) Anyhoo, the
coating came off and made for quite a mess. Yeah, it was someone using
muriatic acid to check for lime, etc, concerning ph spikes. Too bad, 'cause
they offer it in a dark rainbow of colors. I'll check out the site but want
something to use for a permanent, planted, setup. Peat's nice, gives a
glimpse of heaven, but a pretty long stare into hell come
maintenance/cleanup time.

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