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Re: Drip Tubing

I would second the motion on using the electrical pvc. I used the 1" in my 
new room in a loop and JEHMCOS' smallest pump about thirty out lets. I also 
used thier smaller metal valves, easy to use if you buy the tap with the 
valves. Jim Randall.( AKA and UNYKA)

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>Subject: Drip Tubing
>Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 16:58:19 EDT
>Home Depot has plastic 1/2 inch black tubing in 100 ft. rolls for drip
>irrigation. Is that what some of you have been using for you air systems?
>What type of valves would you use with this system and what type of glue or
>sealant would be needed to form a good leakless bond?
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