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Re: Drip Tubing

Sandy1238 at aol_com wrote:
> Hi,
> Home Depot has plastic 1/2 inch black tubing in 100 ft. rolls for drip 
> irrigation. Is that what some of you have been using for you air systems? 
> What type of valves would you use with this system and what type of glue or 
> sealant would be needed to form a good leakless bond?
> Regards,

I have rarely used it for air distribution, but have used clear vinyl 
tubing with rain-drip fittings instead. The bayonet fittings just poke 
through a hole made with a special RainDrip punch, and need no cement.

Regular LFS airline is much more flexible, hence easier to route and 
less likely to develop leaks at strained joints. It plugs directly onto 
the bayonet "T"s and couplers. Larger (1/2"-5/8") clear soft tubing from 
Home Depot can be hung up with the normal 1/2" RainDrip hangars, and can 
be tapped with the bayonet fittings, just like the big (way stiffer) 
black stuff.

I have used lots of the RainDrip valves for airlines, with good results.

I would avoid any use that needed any glue or sealant. Good bayonet 
fittings in the right size hole or ID make excellent, non-contaminating 

One use I have made of the 1/2" black tubing is as a (sorta) rigid 
manifold across the back of a set of shelves. Both ends blocked with the 
folding "plug" system and a bunch of inserted bayonet couplers gave me a 
simple, cheap air manifold for a bunch of small outlets. It worked OK, 
but I prefer rigid PVC pipe with the self-tapping 3/8" chromed brass 
valves, quite frankly, for small distribution manifolds.


PS. For the larger fishroom distribution system, look at the plastic 
electrical conduit. Assembles with the same glue as water plastic pipe, 
but the bends are more gentle, hence much quieter.

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