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RE: Mike Reed's NOBS food

I will not comment on Mike Reed's food. I have never tried it. Most serious
killie breeders use BBS. Mike knows it and he really does not expect us to
change. As far as egg foods go, most of us can make our own.

Green water, paramecium, small daphnia, BBS and microworms are as good as it
gets! They are alive! They move! And they are pretty much similar to what
the fish actually eat in the wild.

Frankly, I don't think that he expects our business. He wrote an article
some time back calling all of the people that give advise on the internet
and question his product incompetent hacks!  He warned his readers that any
advise that someone receives on the net is prone to be wrong. He commented
that very few serious and knowledgeable fish breeders write on the net and
advise is usually given by the inexperienced and incompetent who can find no
better outlet for their misinformation. That leaves you, gentle reader, with
a dilemma. Do you believe me or him?

I believe that most venders target more inexperienced hobbyists. Mr. Reed is
no exception.  Inexperienced hobbyists are much more likely to buy something
off of the shelf rather than learn to hatch BBS or raise microworms.

When I first began breeding fish, long long ago, I asked the owner of my LFS
what to feed the fish larvae. He sold me a tube of something made from eggs.
Most of the fry died.  Inexperience leads to short cuts and a dry food
powder is eminently more marketable than a BS hatchery and instructions or a
microworm culture.

I am sure that Mr. Reed knows that he will do better with print advertising
and product placement on LFS shelves than he will ever do at a killie show.

Through the years I can recall some really poorly made cars. Few experienced
mechanics ever owned any of them. But that never stopped any of them from
becoming popular, at least for a few years.



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I tend to agree with Larry about this. I subscribed to the newsletter for
a while and then asked to be removed. I had an email discussion with Mike
and suggested that he send samples to some of the local killie clubs, if
it works as well as his web site proclaims, he'd get a lot of sales from
that. His response was that he was selling it as fast as he could produce
it and didn't need the extra business. That's when the little voice kicked
in and said "if it sounds too good to be true . . ."

I really wish someone I knew and trusted would jump in and say "that NOBS
is great, it really works as Mike claims", I'd be happy to overlook a
little arrogance for a great product.

It was useful to read the information about the product and adapt the
method for my own use. I currently use a spice/coffee grinder to pulverize
whatever type of pellet food I'm feeding the adults. Then I take a pinch
and rub it lightly between my fingers, letting the larger pieces drop back
into the container. The fine dust that adheres to my fingers is then
dusted onto the surface for small, surface feeding fry (Epiplatys and
White Clouds, currently). This is a fast way to get in an extra feeding
each day with little chance of FFS (fuzzy food syndrome, when the excess
lays on the bottom) due to the small quantity of food actually used.
Actually dipping your finger in the water to submerge the particles
probably works well for fry that are lower in the water column, but I
have only used that for Xenopus tadpoles.


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