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Re: Silent Giant

Some hear sounds others don't and each is affected in a different way. 
The silent giant sound you hear probably would bother me at all.  Your
choices are to try to improve on the dampening by filling with any number
of various substances or even a wrap of foam rubber or maybe even a foam
lined box sitting on a foam pillow.   The giant is worth saving and if
you give up on it (hope you can find a suitable substitute) sell it via
auction or on killitalk. 

Gary In St. Louis

On Sat, 13 Jul 2002 10:41:37 -0400 Paul Cezanne <oblique at alum_mit.edu>
> I (finally!) just got around to rebuilding my Silent Giant.  The good 
> news is that it is much quieter than before.  The bad news is that 

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