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Silent Giant

I (finally!) just got around to rebuilding my Silent Giant.  The good news is that it is much quieter than before.  The bad news is that it still isn't silent.  How quiet should this get?  I can barely hear it when I am upstairs but when I'm in the fish room the hum still is loud enough to be annoying?

I did replace the string and I put the spring back in.  The goop on the gravel had not dried out.

Should I try to quiet it down more (box of styrofoam pellets, suspended by rubber bands, sitting on a sponge...) or just sell it?

(Oh, by the way, my 10 year old was instrumental in fixing it.  I was trying to push yarn in through the airline tube and of course it wouldn't go.  He suggested sucking on the tube, I thought it wouldn't work but it did!)

pZ -- Paul Cezanne
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